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Mind-Body Therapy & Counseling Services Portland, Oregon subconscous mind

Integrative Mind-Body-Spirit Therapy & Coaching

Whether this is your first time in therapy or working with a coach or you have tried therapy or coaching before, I would like to tell you how brave you are for choosing to make changes in your life now. The integrative Mind-Body-Spirit approach I offer to clients addresses the subconscious mind, and the ways in which it keeps you stuck, frustrated, and repeating patterns you consciously say you want to change. I use cognitive and somatic therapeutic interventions to not only address the limiting or distorted thoughts and beliefs you're having, but to also include the way your body responds to these thoughts and beliefs.Our work together also includes mindfulness based practices so you can begin to pay attention to and have agency over your whole system (thoughts, emotions, sensations) when you are stuck in a loop of fear, sadness, anger, frustration, depression, anxiety, etc. 

We will use somatic interventions to assist you in accessing and processing the energy of stuck and trapped emotions, traumas, fears, and beliefs. We will use tools to regulate your nervous system, and to help you feel more embodied and whole. 

We will explore your relationship to your soul and your connection with your spiritual self, and work to help you foster a deeper relationship with this wisdom that lives inside of you and all around you. 


You will learn how to become aware of your feelings, thoughts, and sensations in a non-judgmental way that helps to bring you into acceptance of the challenges you are experiencing. You will begin to notice the thoughts, beliefs, sensations, and pictures in your mind that create feelings of distress, fear, anxiety, depression, and anything else that creates a fight/flight/freeze response. Since our minds, bodies, and emotions all influence one another, the work we do together can positively affect the way you relate to yourself, others, and life in general. When we can change our thoughts and beliefs, we can positively influence our reality. 

Since unhealed trauma and unresolved issues can impact physical health, vitality, and cause chronic stress, it is important to go back to the root so we can change the way you relate to past experiences. Many people with chronic pain, diseases, health conditions, or various diagnoses such as Cancer, CFS, and Fibromyalgia experience this work as a deeply beneficial adjunct to any medical care they receive since the mind and body influence one another, and so they may be supported on multiple levels. Facing a diagnosis or health concern can create a sense of trauma in and of itself, so it can be important to receive support to process those emotions as well. 

The work I offer is very different than many kinds of therapy or coaching. We are including all parts of yourself (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual), and we are specifically aiming to shift the way the body and mind holds onto and represents difficult emotions, painful memories and experiences from the past, or worries about the future. Many forms of talk therapy often bring great insight and awareness but can leave people still unable to make changes or move in the direction they desire. One reason for this is that many types of therapy or coaching only address the conscious mind and do not access the programming of the subconscious mind.

The emerging field of Neurobiology believes that the subconscious mind controls and dictates about 95% of our beliefs and circumstances in life. That means roughly 5% is influenced by the conscious mind. Our beliefs about ourselves, our self-worth, whether or not we are lovable, our relationships with money, success, love, partnership, health, self-esteem, etc are all programmed by a very young age, which means that we are operating from an outdated system inside of us. Because of this, it is crucial to gain access to the subconscious programs we carry to bring awareness and transformation to the roots of the challenges we face in one or more areas of our lives.

The limitations of our conscious mind can be why many people struggle with affirmations, among many other things, that only work on a conscious level. You can repeat an affirmation over and over again, but if you internally have hidden programs and beliefs inside that are in conflict with the affirmation, it's likely that you will never believe what you are affirming. This is also why many people cannot simply motivate themselves to change (to be better, do better, act differently), and why people diet and lose weight only to gain it back again, or people win the lottery only to lose the money, or people continually have failed relationships. If deep down inside of you there are beliefs that being thin or wealthy or in a loving, secure relationship isn't safe, you will continue to have experiences that support those unconscious ways of operating until you do the work to change these old thought patterns and beliefs. 


We will work together to access the outdated information in the subconscious mind which can allow us to update the internal operating system, and from there you can consciously make new and different choices that support your happiness, fulfillment, and well-being. In some ways, we are growing up the young parts of ourselves that learned beliefs that no longer serve us but that we needed for survival and belonging. This process helps our system learn that we are safe, and that it is safe to have the life that we want. It allows us to make peace with our past so we can create a different future. 

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