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While I can't guarantee any specific results and the following testimonials do not constitute a warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of an individual using my services for any particular issue, my clients report having positive experiences. Here is what some individuals have to say:

"Tapping is an amazing process, and Brittany is a talented and insightful practitioner. I started tapping before meeting her to transform my body from years of chronic physical symptoms. That has happened/is happening. I knew that tapping would address the ways that I held emotions and belief systems in my body, but I honestly did not expect to have such a thorough transformation of my heart. In some ways, I am referring to my actual physical heart, as I held symptoms there, but I am mostly referring to the emotional (and spiritual) aspects of my heart.Within months of beginning to clear old thoughts and patterns with tapping, I had (in many ways as a secondary benefit) created the possibility for a present, sweet and warm relationship to come into my life. When that person entered my life, I found that I had old, and strong, layers of resistance and stress which still needed to be let go of. I scheduled a session with Brittany, and had one of those experiences akin to walking into a session with a hunched over back and a cane, and leaving the session standing fully straight and dancing out of the room. Brittany helped me let go of a pattern I have been holding onto for 16 years. The transformation was undeniable, and has been reflected back to me as a mirror image as I go forward in relationship, with a straight back, able to dance, able to live in this moment, without carrying around those worries, stories or baggage.I am very grateful to Brittany for all that she brings to her work, as she was able to skillfully and gently navigate this process of helping me to make peace in my heart." T.N.

"Brittany is a powerful woman. Each session with her has changed my life. Honestly. I have had incredible breakthroughs with things I've been really working on for years and years. And these breakthroughs have shifted how I hold myself in and interact with the world. Her ability to hold space with strength, compassion, honesty, power, and grace is admiring. She knows exactly where to guide you, what questions to ask, and how to reflect back to you exactly what you need to hear and say. And in the depths of the emotional abyss, she somehow helps you find laugher. I highly highly recommend Brittany!" A.T

"My session with Brittany shifted something profound. during the session, Brittany helped me to make correlations and connections I wouldn't have ever given thought to. She tied things together during the tapping which my conscious mind couldn't really make sense of, but the effect was exactly what I needed. That night, I felt restless and couldn't settle on what it was that i felt anxious about. I tried to find the seed and I couldn't locate it, but the next morning one of the key issues that Brittany and I tapped about had significantly shifted. An effortless release and letting go had happened for me and suddenly I found myself with the freedom and space around a relationship that I had been in search of for several months. Brittany has a gift and her sense of humor, acceptance and relaxed loving demeanor make it easy to relax and experience true transformations with her." A.J.

"Brittany England is a truly strong, compassionate guide to assisting with transformation. I had been suffering for months after a devastating breakup, unable to free myself from the grip of thoughts and actions that didn’t serve me. One way this manifested was in the compelling urge to search social media for information about my ex and his new love interest, and it was tearing me apart. In my session with Brittany, I was expertly and gently guided to move through this pain and to find what I cared about even more than this information: my young self. The co-created session, done nearly entirely with FasterEFT was thorough, honest, and freeing." S.S.

"I have been very fortunate in my life to have made it to 30 years of age and never have experienced anything traumatic. My life is by no means perfect, but anything that has happened has always been manageable and I have been able to cope. Last week that all changed when unexpectedly I lost a very close friend. This was the first time I did not know how to cope with such loss and the heaviness of losing someone so special. I decided I needed to seek help because carrying around this heavy sadness was something I knew I couldn't do for much longer. I found Brittany and her FasterEFT method and after reading about the benefits decided to give it a try. I am beyond thankful and grateful for Brittany. Through the FasterEFT method I was able to release the heaviness of what had happened. My session brought peace to a situation I didn't believe could have any. I now feel that I have more control over the situation and my feelings and can look at what happened in a new light, a more peaceful light. From the bottom of my heart I thank you Brittany for all your help!" D.G.


"I recently began having physical symptoms after a sexual encounter and a lot of upset that went along with that. I just felt dirty and scared. I was recommended by a friend to find someone to work with who offered Mind-Body services, and that’s when I stumbled on Brittany’s work, so I decided to schedule a session with her. I didn’t know what to except going into it and went into the session a little nervous about opening up. When Brittany and I started talking, I began to feel so comfortable and secure. I felt like I could completely open up to her about my stress and worries. Since the session I have barely thought about the health situation and am not stressed out about it anymore. Most importantly Brittany helped me feel comfortable and find the lost confidence in myself." L.G.


"I had a session with Brittany that was very powerfully transformative. Her intuitive grasp of where I needed to go in each step allowed me to feel safe enough to be brave and face deep and old worries. I look forward to another opportunity to experience her clear vision and safe space." C.D.


"I would like to offer as a testimonial to your FasterEFT practice. More than talk therapy and more than coaching, FasterEFT has left me with a visceral sense of myself. I am more complete, whole and self-assured as a result of my FasterEFT sessions with you. Your follow-up with me between sessions is extremely comforting and supportive. I would recommend your services to everyone who has the desire to resolve their issues and get on with life. Thank you, Brittany." M.G. 

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