Mind-Body Therapy & Counseling in Portland, Oregon EFT, NLP, FasterEFT, mindfulness, anxiety, depression, relationships, stress, subconscous mind, healing


Specializing in addressing the following life concerns: Anxiety, Depression, Relationships, Trauma, Food & Body Image, Grief & Loss, Life Transitions, Sex & Intimacy, and Women's Issues

I work with adults who desire changes in one or more areas of their lives, and who are seeking freedom and relief from the stressful experiences they are having or have had in the past. I offer In-person sessions to clients in Portland, Oregon and video sessions to clients who reside anywhere in the state of Oregon. Video sessions allow people the convenience and comfort of receiving therapy without having to leave home! 


Session are 60 minutes (occasionally longer when needed and scheduled ahead of time. My fees are $125-$175 (depending on factors such as insurance, financial need, etc). Lower sliding scale rates are available to a limited number of clients. Please contact me to discuss options to see if we can make this accessible to you. All sessions are available via teleheatlh only. Our sessions will typically be scheduled once per week to provide continuity of care for your process. If needed we can meet every other week. I accept online payments. I am currently contracted with PacificSource insurance.  


Before our first session I will invite you to make a Peace List, which is a list of anything and everything in your life you would like to feel better about or have a different relationship with. Your Peace List can be written as if you're going grocery shopping for things you would like to change. You do not need to go into the story at all. It can also include any secrets you may not feel comfortable sharing. You can just refer to them on your list as "secrets." I don't necessarily need to know the information. What's important is how you represent it in your mind and how you know it bothers you. In our work together we will begin with whatever brought you into therapy and can address anything on your Peace List. We will only move as fast as the slowest part of you can go which builds a sense of safety and trust with yourself and within our therapeutic relationship. 


The list can  be in chronological order but it doesn't have to be. It can include any of the following events or experiences (or any additional information you would like to share):

painful memories


limiting beliefs

core wounds

traumatic experiences

any forms of abuse







relationship issues



career issues



sexual issues


substance abuse issues